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"What is called for is not an integration of thought, or a kind of imposed unity, for any such imposed point of view would itself be merely another fragment. Rather, all our different ways of thinking are to be considered as different ways of looking at the one reality, each with some domain in which it is clear and adequate." - David Bohm

I am a person with a name and a life and I’m looking at a screen. I am reading these words right now. But what are words? What is a screen? And what am I?


How do you know what you are? What is a person? What is a name? When spoken, words are just vibrations in the air, and when written they are scribbles that we assign meaning to. Can words accurately describe “what is”? Aren’t words themselves inseparable from that which they’re trying to describe? Are we independent enough from “what is” to take a step back and describe it or are we so inseparable from it that objective knowledge is impossible?


When the impossibility of knowledge is recognized, all there is is this, this beyond this and that. And even that isn’t entirely true. There’s just seeing and hearing and smelling and touching and thinking without any subject or object. There is no one and no thing appearing as everyone and everything.


Modern science has increasingly revealed to us the nature of what is. Albert Einstein said that “what we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.” What we perceive as our experience of a self and a world full of objects and selves is an indivisible ocean of vibration. "Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real," said Niels Bohr. We do not experience any actual discrete objects, it is simply a boundless energetic field appearing as differing colours and forms, as a self and world, as everyday life. Independent of our ideas about it, “what is” is a fathomless sea of energy that exists beyond the context of human conception. Nothing can be known, and there is no one who could know it.

What is Nonduality?

Simply put, nonduality is what is. Nonduality means “not-two”. It isn’t “one”, because if it is “one” then it is something that can be described - an object - but it isn’t “more than one” either as that would also give it an object-ive quality. Even to say “not-two” isn’t perfect but it’s as close as we can get in words because “not-two” doesn’t make any claim as to what it is, only what it is not, it is not divided. It is in fact beyond comprehension. Nonduality is not something that can be understood or described because it is not an object. It appears as everything and yet it is no-thing. Its emptiness is full and its fullness is empty. It is real and unreal, existent and nonexistent. It cannot be understood because it is the very fabric of understanding.

What is Nondual Library?

Nondual Library appears to be an attempt to catalogue the ideas and creative works of those who know no separation in life. But in reality there is no one and no thing and thus it is just another appearance of what is. Reading through this site is no different from reading the label on a bag of cement or making spaghetti. Everything is just what is. There are many expressions of nonduality included in this website, some make compromises with the idea that you exist and some do not, some come clothed in the language of religion, or of science, or philosophy, and some do not. There is no one way of looking at nonduality, because all ways of looking are it already.

Who am I?

All there is is no-thing appearing as everything. “You” don't exist as an individual entity in a world full of other individual entities and objects - this is simply a story in the mind. All there is is what is, a seamless whole appearing as a collection of separate parts, complete and yet appearing incomplete, and changeless though always seemingly in flux.

What can I do about it?

Absolutely nothing. You never existed to have been able to do anything, but the mind takes credit as things are apparently being done and so the illusion of “you” is upheld. There is no “you” to do anything. There is just this.

What's the point of a nonduality website?

There is no point to this website. There is nowhere that this could lead to and no one who could gain anything from it. It is just what's happening.

What's the point of nonduality books?

There is no point. The ideal book about nonduality is simply a mirror. A mirror to reflect the seamless, changeless being that is everything and nothing. Nonduality cannot be taught or learned, it cannot even be accepted, it is the totality beyond expression or understanding.

Once it is understood that there is no purpose for visiting this site then its contents can be freely enjoyed, without the distorting pressure of gaining anything. 

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